Our Rooms Share A Wall
April 9, 2017 – Chicago, IL

Before a home is a home, it is a structure. Even in its simplest form, architecture prescribes the way a body can move through a space. A structure’s formal qualities--walls, windows, doors, moldings, finishes, and paint--can appear superficial or peripheral to one’s experience in a built environment. However, these components provide a blank canvas for personal expression and/or represent institutionalized interests in mandating efficiency through the organization of space. This exhibition brings together work that concentrates on architecture that is both personal and prescriptive. Situating the art within the constructed space of the home aligns its form and content with a different architectural framework, highlighting its relationship to the supportive structures of the house. This correlation allows viewers to consider how agency of people and architecture shifts within particular spaces, and how different structures shape not only the movement and interaction of physical bodies, but also critical thought, cultural perspectives, and feelings of belonging.

Works by Kelsey Harrison, Ania Jaworska, Edra Soto & Dan Hojnacki.